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rumen_picHi and welcome to MOTO-STICKER.

My name is Rumen. I started making bike decals many years ago, just several years after I jumped on my first bike. After several contacts with the tarmac, I needed to repaint my bike and of course put new decals on it, but going to my local dealership, I was really terrified to see the prices of decals there. So I started looking for aftermarket decals for my bike and I realized, that nobody can offer me a product that is good enough. So then I decided that if nobody can offer me good enough aftermarket decals, then I should make good enough aftermarket decals myself. I am a very pedantic person, so I really wanted the best for my bike, but this trait of my character helps me also to offer the best aftermarket decals on the market, because I have never made a compromise with anything. And being a biker also helps me very much for this job, because I know very well what a bike means for its owner. We love these things so much and every time when I make a set for a customer of mine, I think how I would feel if I receive a set that doesn’t look good enough.

But I want to make something clear: I only offer custom alternatives to the factory decals. So if you want to buy the exact OEM decals, that your bike came from the factory with (printed decals with absolutely identical colors), you better go to your bike brand's local dealership.

After so many years doing this, I dare to say, that all of my customers are really happy with my work and nobody can offer what I can. Of course, I am a human being and I also make mistakes, but I am always available on my email for any help, questions or resolving any problems, that my customers can have. And that is why I want you to know, that there is no "we" in this website. There is only "me" and I am the only person that you will ever speak about anything, regarding the decals that are offered here. And that makes things a lot easier for you.

And that is what this site is all about - here you will find the best products and the best customer service. And you haven't found that on the other places, have you? :)